Tuesday 30th November 1999 - Married for 7492 days

About Us


karlI Was Born On 28th May 1986 In Southampton. I Am The Oldest Of 2

Usual School Life, Went To College To Study Computer Stuff, Found Out That Wasn't For Me, Left College And Found Work At McDonalds Then On To Tesco Where I Have Been For 10 Yrs

When I'm Not Working I'm Either Spending Time With The Family Or On My Car, Which Is A Keen Interest Of Mine.

I Didn't Think After Our First Encounter I Would End Up Being As Happy As I Am Now


CassandraI Was Born On 23rd March 1993 In Southampton. Second Oldest Out Of 5 Siblings.

Usual School Life, Nothing Out Of The Ordinary, Went On To College To Study Catering & Hospitality... Went On To Get A Job At My Local Bowling Alley Where I'd Cook Food/ Serve Drinks At The Bar/ Work On The Reception Desk.

Now Happy Mummy Of 2 & Lucky Enough To Be Able To Spend ALL My Time With Them By Running My Business From Home.

Very Much Looking Forward To Marrying The Man Of My Dreams & Can't Thank Everyone Enough For The Help We've Received So Far With Planning Etc :)

How we met...

Well........Couldn't Say I (Karl) Have Been A Saint With All My Relationships.
I Had Broken My Collar Bone On 11 Nov 2009 In A Car Accident... Cassy Was In The Block Next To Mine And She Would Come Over To Keep Me Company Whilst I Was Home Alone. I Took An Interest In My Neighbour And Things Progressed, I Was Made To Make A Choice; The Gf At The Time Or Cassy... I Chose Wrong, But Maybe Right At The Same Time.
Cassy Went On To Finish College & Had Her Son (Who I Love As My Own) While I Plodded Along With My Life At Tesco...

A Year After Cassy Had Her Son (Jan 2012) We Met Again At A New Years Eve Party After Our Mutual Friend Picked Her Up. The Spark We Had Before Instantly Returned & We Spent The Evening Catching Up & Reminiscing. This Time Cassy Was The One In A Relationship (So Allowed Nothing More Than Conversation & Hugs To Happen On This Evening) But A Blessing In Disguise Soon Came... Cassy's Relationship Had Ended...

For The Following Couple Of Weeks We Spent A Lot Of Time Together, Mainly Me Consoling Cassy On Her Recent Break Up. I Would Also Watch Her Son While She Worked Then I'd Head To Work In The Evenings Then Back To Mine To Sleep.

16th Jan 2013 We Officially Got Together & Have Loved Every Minute Since. I Love Her Son As If He Were My Own & We Also Have A Little Girl Together Who Made Her Appearance On 28th May 2014 (Yes We Share Our Birthday!)
To Be Getting Married Is Just The Next Step In Our Adventure Together <3

The proposal...

Getting Engaged To Be Married Was Something We Had Spoke About Together Quite Frequently...
It Was Just The Matter Of The Proposal Itself...

I Found The PERFECT Ring For Karl Online Featuring Black Diamonds & Black Cables So Very Manly & Suits Him So Well. Little Did He Know I Was Actually Planning To Propose On His Birthday (28th May 2015) At Our Daughters 1st Birthday Photoshoot...
But He Got There First! :D On 23rd March 2015 (My Birthday) He Popped The Question! Was THE Best Birthday Present Ever!

Can Not Wait To Be Mr & Mrs Davis xx